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2013-06-01 05:00 pm
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(Still rough. Things to be added as I go through her history)

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2012-09-22 04:14 pm
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How am I doing? Let me know here!
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2012-02-23 04:30 pm
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Paradisa Application

Copying this over from my LJ RP account for anyone interested in Dairine's character and history.

Dairine Regan Callahan
FANDOM: Young Wizardry Series
CANON: On transit from the Motherboard world to Rashah, during Wizards at War.
WHAT THEY LOST: The necklace she made for visiting Roshaun’s parents. Usually Dairine does not wear any jewelry, but she kept this one on Roshaun’s insistence. When she transited to the Motherboard world, one of the first things she did was check to make sure she still had it. Losing the necklace now would bother her not only because of sentimental value, but also because she hasn’t fully come to terms with how important Roshaun is to her. He is her closest friend, and this necklace is her only “gift” from him.

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2012-01-09 10:02 pm

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"That morning Dairine had awakened with the Oath's words ringing in her ears to find herself not in a galaxy far far away, but in her own bed."
-High Wizardry

A RP journal for Dairine Callahan of the Young Wizards series and her adventures in Paradisa.