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(Still rough. Things to be added as I go through her history)

Airhorn (from Crowley's prank. Yes, she actually kept that around.)
Aron (from Pokemon plot)

Christmas 2011
From Hard Harry, a polo t-shirt, mix tape, and a radio.
From Steve, sketches of Paris
From Bucky, sweets?
From Alan, a Grid datapad
From Galadriel, "a small leather-bound journal, decorated handsomely. Inside are Galadriel's handwritten notes on what she has learned of the various kinds of magic she's observed around the castle"
From Hermione, book????
Stocking from ???
More books????
Conan book of simple puzzles (or something)

Christmas 2012
From Peeta, a painting.
From Steve, a stuffed animal rabbit and cookies.
"Alan will be giving Dair a stocking filled with some vials of liquid energy for her Bit (if the Bits are around the Castle by then), some headbands, and some more small handbooks on Grid tech."
From Conan, Dairine gets a book on the deductive method.
From Will, she gets a box of holly. With a note. "An excellent defense against the Dark."
From Mark Hunter, "Dairine's getting a few "oldschool" games - read: stuff that was at the height of its popularity in the early 90s - that Mark has modified from the cartridges onto a disk so that she can play them on Spot. Think SNES emulator type stuff: Paradisified versions of Link To The Past, Starfox, Sonic the Hedgehog, that sort of thing."
From Duke, cookies and "a mug that she likes to use/wishes to claim, he could apply something to keep it cool/at a comfortable-drinking hot if she wanted. (like to prevent tea/hot chocolate from growing cold, or milk from going room temperature)"
From Clow, tasty hand-made chocolate truffles
From Ino, book called "The Tale of The Utterly Gutsy Shinobi"
Phoebe is giving Dairine a quartz pendulum and a note that she'd love to show her how to use it.
Nora is giving Dairine a painting of her and the Fifth Doctor in front of the TARDIS
From Aradia: Grubstation and games

Christmas 2013
From Conan, books on codebreaking
From Duke, "a bowl that keeps things cool. To prevent icecream melting"
From Five, Four new condition Heinlein novels from the 50s
From Katniss, a hand-made bow, with her name carefully carved on the handle. Also a handmade quiver, filled with arrows
From Nita, ??
From Galadriel, "an Elven cloak, woven by her own hands, with all the magical benefits included"

Parting Gifts

From Geoffry: Some writing projects and a few coins
From Harry Flynn: "journal with archaeological notes" (is Darine the correct she?)
From Ray: "All his notes on supernatural phenomena that have happened since he came to Paradisa will be left in bundles" one for her
From Rue: Swablu (maybe?)
From Alan: "the books he's acquired on technology will go to Dairine" (She also had the custom WizTech computer she made for him returned. Details here)
From Peeta: "Everyone that gave him a gift for his birthday or Christmas gets it back. (Peeta will get a cookie cookbook, filled with many different recipes. Inside he'll find a couple of her watercolor paintings stuffed between the pages. A self portrait of Dairine, Paris, their first meeting from her perspective, Peeta and Katniss's daughter, the wedding cake he decorated...) His friends are allowed to say they took paintings. His room is floor to ceiling paintings, so feel free to say he painted whatever." (Did anyone get Seedot? Should ask.)
From Steve: a parting letter.
From Barton: "a quiver of 30 arrows each, some with tags, annotating that they're Trick Shots. Nothing dangerous, just a few smoke screens and nets. Decoys and escape techniques. Dairine will also receive books on how to further her skills, with annotations in Barton's handwriting of what to actually do."
From Phoebe: a letter, her quarts scrying pendant, and her maps of the castle and grounds
From Hermione: a book and letter
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