Sep. 26th, 2017 02:44 pm
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[The recording is a bit of muffled static at first as she has to move her hand to hold the device better.]

Whoever you are, you'd better be ready for a fight. I'm not going down that easy. You can't just kidnap me and get away with it.

[There's a splash as she jumps from the pod into the water.]


Sep. 26th, 2017 02:18 pm
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So I feel bad taking away from other peeps who are having a fun time here with their characters, so I'm packing Louise up and taking her off to be back with her family. Maybe I might come back, I don't know, but for now, she'd making a graceful little exit now.

See you guys!

Second Heist 🙪 action

Sep. 26th, 2017 10:03 am
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Who: Akira Kurusu and Haru Okumura
Where: A random Italian restaurant in Genessia City
When: September 25th, late afternoon
What: Making it up to Haru for disappearing to the Dream Dock for three days without telling her, whoops.
Warnings: There will be major Persona 5 spoiler talk later on!

i'm bad at flavor text )

+1 rebel brat

Sep. 26th, 2017 04:53 am
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Heya Genessia!

Alex here, bringing you some manga nerd from some video game.

(Which is basically about a bunch of high schoolers beating people's feelings up until said people stop being dumb. Oh, Persona 5...)

Ryuji is really, uh... expressive, to say the least. He wears his heart on his sleeve, and it'll always be obvious whether he likes or dislikes you. IF YOU'RE A BULLY OR HIS DEFINITION OF "SHITTY" ADULT, I'M SORRY IN ADVANCE?? He will basically hate you.

He packs a serious punch and comes with some fun abilities, since he's from the end of the game! And, on that note, I'm super cool with avoiding spoilers!!! Just lemme know how far into it you are. :>

Anyway, if you wanna know more or if you're looking to plot (or whatever else tbh), I'm available at [plurk.com profile] skiesonfire and NaCl #4218 (on discord)! o7


Sep. 26th, 2017 12:23 am
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At the risk of becoming public enemy number one because of a bunch of close-minded fools who think they know what is right, I'd like to offer my services to anyone who would like to practice combat against the empty spirits from outside the barrier.

I killed four types during the last breach and am now able to summon them to my side. Anyone interested in learning to protect themselves in the unfortunately event of a future breach should contact me. I won't be holding it in a set location lest some of the idiots decide to stage a protest over something that's literally a part of my soul to be able to do.

[ It's something small, but she'd rather show that it's a useful skill and not some abomination. It'll also help her practice her summoning. And this is definitely something her father won't want to get involved with either, she's sure, especially since she's identified it as controversial. ]

I'll never die when I'm dead [Audio]

Sep. 25th, 2017 11:00 pm
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Oh boy, get your leg busted up and get beaned by newspapers and then you miss all the cool stuff.

[Why yes, that is a kid talking about all the hullabaloo being interesting. Let us not dwell on the whole being hit with newspapers or busted legs, that's not important.]

Anyway! Considering how bad my luck has been lately, how're all of you losers?


Sep. 25th, 2017 09:24 pm
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[ The video opens with Martha standing right outside the Tardis]

Meant to do this a while ago but I went home and came back. Yay??? [She gives a small smile to the camera]

Anyway, I know more than before but if you missed me at the hospital I'll be back tomorrow.

(no subject)

Sep. 25th, 2017 08:08 pm
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Who: Rory and YOU
What: An open log!
Where: Rory is a Nurse so the Hospital or he can be found at Home
Warning: none

When in Rome )


Sep. 25th, 2017 07:41 pm
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[Hello Genessia have one very pissed off and confused looking redhead]

Stark, is this your idea of a joke? If it is I could kill you with my hands tied behind my back and blindfolded. [She is telling the truth.... maybe, but there is no real heat behind her words.]

Where the hell am I?

(no subject)

Sep. 25th, 2017 08:29 pm
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Who: River Song and you! (With a closed thread for Ten)
What: An open log!
Where: River is a wanderer, so if you want to find her somewhere, find her there!
Warning: Flirting. All the flirting.
your text here )

+1 Avenger

Sep. 25th, 2017 07:05 pm
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Hi! This is Beth and I am bringing in my final character her. This is Natasha Romanoff and she comes from the MCU. More specifically, from the beginning of Age of Ultron, after Ultron first came to life. I am [plurk.com profile] bookenthusiast if anyone wants to add me for plotting. I love this game and I am excited to have her here.


Sep. 25th, 2017 06:58 pm
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[Kyrie appears on the video feed once again, although the serene looking girl definitely seems...out of it. She's lethargic and her speech is slowed. Unfortunately, she can't really get any paler than she already is, but even her eyes seem less dim than usual.]

Ah...my time at the common space is almost up. Would...would anyone be willing to lend me a room in exchange for cooking or healing?

...or if someone is hiring that could use either of those skills?

I would appreciate it...thank you.

[Private to Konoka Konoe] )

Rumors for the Week of 9/25

Sep. 25th, 2017 02:46 pm
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The following rumors are going around as NPC gossip. Your characters are welcome to hear them. The rumors may be true or false, and the subject of the rumor is randomly selected from the taken list. If a character shares the same first name with another character, we will not specify which one it is.

This week's rumors are:

1. Ulric is actually a nickname. It's short for Ultimate Ricardo, which is on his birth certificate.

2. This guy's name is Metal Man, right? Except, he's not made of true metal. So many impurities in that stuff to save money, damn son!!!

3. Whitley Schnee lost his V-card to Mirajane Strauss in a torrid love affair!!

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Good morrow everyone.

As we are all aware there have been a group of individuals in Everglade that have been causing trouble and ruining plenty of lives in the process. because of this, I have taken it upon myself to go after the one they call Joker.

He will be found and he will be caught for causing such misery to others.


[Action in Everglade.]
[Haru was wearing her thief attire, even since she figured out how to, this had been something she wanted. Catching those who cause pain and suffering to others, much like they did back home but in a little different matter since they couldn't change one's heart.

She started to walk, battle axe in her hand dragging along the ground behind her as she was keeping an eye out not only for the Joker, who the name alone makes her angry because it feels like an insult to the Joker she knew and she wasn't planning to let that stand.

She was also looking out for anyone who might be around, she wanted to make sure there was no one around who could get hurt, more so if they couldn't depend themselves.]

uhhhh. genessia's new hit telenovela?

Sep. 24th, 2017 09:51 pm
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[ Life had been going through a lot of changes for Emerald. First the fight with Cassian over something most people would think was her being stupid (which is why she was sure Mercury wouldn't side with her on it) but it was important to her. Mercury was City Guardian now (co-guardian, whatever, who cared about Garrus). Jaune had disappeared and he was her pet project keeping her from lashing out too badly, and shortly after she started this weird 'destroy David' thing with Max, Max disappeared leaving her a little concerned about exactly what to do with that situation but she was kind of in deep now and with Jaune gone destroying the world's happiest man's heart and soul was probably just about the next best form of entertainment.

And yet none of it could've prepared her for what she was watching on television- what was on prime time on everyone's televisions that night. If anything made her life seem normal, it was the comparison to this. The secret project she'd been approached by a one Dave Strider for that was airing for the first time tonight thanks to Prime Time Film & Television and would be on weekly until the end of its run.

Corazón Rebelde de Fayren.

It felt like Emerald's stomach was rebelling against her though, not her heart. Oh well. Shh, stomach, the show was starting. Thank god she didn't tell anyone she knew about this. Feel free to text/call/knock on her door to harass her as she hides in her tiny apartment under her numerous throw blankets. ]


The series premier of Corazón Rebelde de Fayren )

The first rule of Fight Club is...

Sep. 24th, 2017 09:16 pm
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Who: Erza and Mirajane
What: Sparring between former rivals!
Where: the outskirts of Fayren
Warning: over-the-top shonen fighting antics. Nothing too violent, but trees and/or parts of mountains may be destroyed.

Now that things have finally gone back to normal in Fayren, Erza's ready to take Mirajane up on her offer to train every once in a while. Mira wants to get stronger, and Erza can hardly refuse such a request - she can hardly afford to get rusty. Besides, given how much they brawled when they were younger, this is bound to be nostalgic for both of them.

Once they're a good distance away from the town, Erza stops to look around. The mountain ranges are much closer than she's used to, and the trees could make for good cover (even if they won't last long - the two of them are easily some of the strongest mages in their continent). She turns to her fellow S-class mage with a confident smirk on her face.

"It's been a long time since we've done something like this, though it was never this organized." Usually, all it took was an errant remark that escalated to an all-out brawl. "Still, I'm ready when you are." Erza's wearing her usual breastplate, something that would raise eyebrows from a lot of people, but using her magic, she summons a sword into her hand, clearly eager to see what Mirajane can do.

Closed Log

Sep. 24th, 2017 07:13 pm
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Who: Conan and Bucky
What: Roommate Shenanigans
Where: Their Apartment
When: Now

Conan pokes at the mass of food on his plate with a great deal of skepticism. He wasn't any great cook himself, being mostly limited to heating up leftovers in the microwave and making coffee.

But how did someone manage to burn and undercook something at the same time?

"Do we really have to eat this?"


Sep. 24th, 2017 03:58 pm
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Hey world. Real quick.

Name's Neal Cassidy.

I'm looking for a job.

I can do a lot of different things. [It's what happens when you spend several hundred years hopping between worlds.] But I'm hoping to find a job as a bartender or something a long those lines. I don't have a resume. [For obvious reasons.] But we can schedule an interview if you're interested.



Sep. 24th, 2017 01:47 pm
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 So I've been thinking of maybe setting up my telescope one of these days. You know, before the weather does something else weird. Anyone interested in trying to make an astronomy night of it?


Sep. 24th, 2017 01:12 pm
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[He turns on the camera and he's in an open space. He rolls his shoulders. If he's going to exercise, he'll go with what he knows.]

Hey! Does anyone want to spar with me?

[They should probably consider this carefully, if they're not used to it.]

Larxene said I'm getting fat.
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